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“Be a good girl and get this cock ready for my pussy!”

I promised to tell you about this experience the day I got back from my holidays so I figured I’d better write it up before the weekend.

Apart from my experience with C—another wonderful moment that occurred on holidays happened after my wife and I went out for a romantic meal together (i.e. without the kids!) and drank a couple of bottles of red wine.

We got back, with my wife feeling very “frisky” (is that the right word?), paid the babysitter (very well!), checked on the sleeping kids and, by mutual consent, went straight to bed.  I didn’t bring any of my sissy clothes on holiday (space saving) but my wife took out a cami and boy-panty set she had worn a couple of nights ago and, in the midst of her undressing, told me to put them on.

I was hard the moment I began to pull the panties up. Not only were these female clothes but they were also worn by her and still unwashed.

She laughed at me and made some joke about how I hadn’t been that horny since leaving the house and then told me to join her on the bed.

Without going on too much, there was a lot of sexual play where she stroked me and where I made her cum a number of times with my fingers and mouth but then, after she had cum for maybe the fourth or fifth time, she was stroking me gently on the outside of my panties and she leant over and took out the dildo she had bought a few weeks ago out of her suitcase.

“I need a good fucking Sweetie,” she whispered as she gently kissed and nipped at my nipples “but I didn’t bring any lube…

…be a good girl and get this cock ready for my pussy!”

My cock twitched, almost violently, and began to leak very obviously. She giggled as she noticed (I don’t think I’ve ever heard her giggle before; I mean she actually made a giggle sound).

There was no way now to pretend I didn’t understand exactly what she was telling me to do so instead I quietly asked her to clarify that she was really telling me she wanted me to suck this cock for her.

“Oh Yes Sweetie! And I want to watch as you do it to make sure it gets good and wet before it fucks me!”

Now I’ve stolen licks of this dildo as I fucked her pussy with it and licked her clit at the same time but I don’t think she would really have been too aware of that happening, given the state she was in whenever it happened but now she wanted me to give it a full-on blowjob!

She sat on my pantied clitty while I kissed, licked and sucked that cock for ages all the time looking up into her eyes. Her fingers played with her pussy and breasts as she watched, and my cock got the benefit of her knuckles dragging against its head while she played. And then she took the cock from my lips and, moving up my chest, began to fuck herself on it.

I had done my job and now I was purely a spectator watching her pump her body up and down on her dildo, watching her breasts heave as she pounded it in and out, listening to her breath quicken, her throat whimper all the way to the crescendo of her orgasm, when she fell on top of me, kissed me quickly on the lips, told me I was a good cocksucker, dropped the dildo into my hand (for cleaning), rolled onto her side, and fell asleep.

I was left lying on my back with my face, chest and panties covered in her cum. My cock was as hard as a rock inside her dirty panties. My hand was clamped around her cum-covered dildo and my mind was stuck in a loop at the point, some 10/15 minutes before, where a voice whispered:

“Be a good girl and get this cock ready for my pussy!”

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